On-Site Consultation

At the invitation of business owners and employers, our experienced safety consultants and industrial hygienist will travel to your site and conduct an on-site survey of your facility and its operations to identify any potential health and safety hazards. Upon completion of the survey, our consultants will advise you of any serious hazards and provide you with initial suggestions for correcting them. The consultant will then prepare a detailed written report summarizing their findings of the visit and make recommendations for resolving or controlling the hazards within a mutually agreed-upon time frame.

On-site consultations will not:

  • Result in citations or penalties for violations of OSHA standards;
  • Guarantee that a workplace will pass an OSHA inspection; or
  • Result in violations being reported to OSHA enforcement staff (unless the employer refuses or fails to correct a hazard within an agreeable time frame)

Prior to the on-site consultation, employers must agree to:

  • Correct all identified serious hazards that could result in injury and/or illness to employees; and
  • Post a list of identified serious hazards in a prominent location readily seen by all affected employees for a minimum of three days or until the hazards are corrected, whichever is longer.

What to expect during an on-site consultation visit

  1. The consultation begins with an opening conference to briefly review the consultant’s role and the obligation you incur as an employer in correcting any hazards found during the visit.
  2. Together, you and the consultant will conduct a walk-through of the facility to evaluate the conditions of your workplace and identify any potential or observed hazards. The consultant will study your production processes and methods of operations and point out any safety and health risks that might be sited under OSHA standards and could pose a risk to your employees
  3. After completing the walk-through, the consultant will conduct a brief closing conference to review any observed safety and health hazards and to suggest initial corrective measures.
  4. Following the closing conference, the consultant will prepare a detailed written report explaining their findings and recommendations for correction and/or control measures and confirm any abatement periods agreed upon during the closing conference.
  5. Follow- up with your consultant. Ultimately, OSHA requires that hazards be resolved so that each consultation visit achieves its objective – effective employee protection. If an employer fails to eliminate or control identified serious hazards according to the plan and within the limits agreed upon or an agreed-upon extension, the finding must be reported to an OSHA enforcement office for appropriate action.

To schedule an on-site consultation please submit a completed Consultation Request Form.