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Soft Skills That Employers and Job Recruiters Look For

Today’s employers are looking for more than just a few years of experience — they want qualified candidates with soft skills. You may have heard about soft skills before, but what exactly are they and why are they so important to your career success?  Soft skills are the personal qualities or characteristics that allow you to interact effectively with other people. They involve skills like communication, handling stress, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, leadership, and others.

Research shows that soft skills are more important to your career success than job training or experience. Some people naturally have great interpersonal soft skills. The good news is that you can have training on soft skills and boost your professional profile. We offer many soft skill training courses, so we’ve become experts at helping candidates develop the skills they need to impress employers and succeed at work.

According to the National Careers Service the most sought-after soft skills include:



Communication is one of the most crucial soft skills in any organization. Whether you are making big presentations, selling products, or sending emails, learning the keys to effective communication could be one of the most important steps you take in your career.  Many people want to know how to improve communication skills. One of the best ways to do this is taking a communication skills course. Understanding how interpersonal communication — words, body language, tone, and even attire — affects how people view you will help you better work with others.


This soft skill isn’t about making impulsive choices, but the way you make decisions. A good decision maker looks at risks, weighs their options, evaluates all information, and considers different outcomes. If you have a track record of good decisions and can explain why you made these decisions, you will be valuable to employers.


Workplaces are always changing. Being flexible in the workplace means you’re open-minded, want to learn new skills, and will accept new challenges. Employers want people who can stay positive and upbeat in the face of change. Flexible people are people that others naturally want to be around and will look to in every new circumstance.  Being flexible on the job helps you work through change in the workplace.

Time Management

Time management is all about finding priorities. It’s not just working harder, longer hours but working smarter and making the most of each day. This soft skill can help you become more efficient. When you get the most important things done first, you can assign certain tasks to others. Employees who manage their time wisely save the company money and employers look for this when hiring.


No matter what job you are currently working in or applying for, most employers are looking for someone who can eventually move beyond that job. Leadership soft skills out you on the path to success. Employers look for candidates who want to grow within the organization and will lead others when the opportunity arises. Having leadership skills shows that you are a good investment.If you feel that you need to a boost in this area, consider training in leadership skills. Taking an online leadership course is an effective way to build your professional profile in your schedule.

Problem Solving

Whether you’re working to find a solution for cutting expenses, developing new products, or even trying to achieve success with difficult people in your work environment, problem-solving is important. Employers don’t want people who give up when faced with difficulties. They want people who will work to find solutions.

Accepting Responsibility

Taking responsibility is a skill. When you own up to a mistake and admit where you went wrong, you show humility. You also show employers that you’re willing to learn and improve.  People with soft skills are important to employers when building teams. Recruiters look for candidates that can work well with others when there is a common goal. The success of a business has many factors, but people impact success more than anything else. Gaining the soft skills you need to become a better employee will provide you with more career opportunities, open the doors to higher level positions, and help you achieve individual excellence.

Are you ready to make yourself competitive in the job market?  Enroll in a soft skills training course today!

Article by ed2go, our partner in online courses.


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