You’re a business-minded person: when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and turn a refreshing profit. Our flexible business courses will help you hone and focus these skills and build a successful career. Even the best ideas need a strong professional setting to grow and thrive. Strengthening your management know-how is the first step to turning your unique skills into a career. Do you wonder, “Which certification should I get?” and “What subjects do I need to become a business manager?” Whether you want to be a small business entrepreneur, a Fortune 500 CEO, or an insightful strategist, our experienced instructors offer a dynamic business education in a fast-paced world. Improve your communication skills with a business writing course, or take your company concept from daydream to day job with small business training. Our online business courses will help you lead your professional community to new concepts and time-proven best practices—starting right where you are.             



Certified Bookkeeper (Career Training)
This program for experienced bookkeepers leads to national certification with teh American Institute of Professinoal Bookkeepers (AIPB). The AIPB certification is a high professional standard for bookkeepers.  Exam and textbook costs are included.
$1,995 | 6 Months | 140 Course Hours
Certified Internal Auditor (Career Training)
The ExamMatrix CIA Review, powered by Surgent, is a complete online CIA Exam Review course that utilizes an adaptive learning platform that focuses your study to your weaker areas and reduces your overall study time.
$695 | 18 Months | 300 Course Hours
Chartered Tax Professional (Career Training)
This program will teach you to prepare tax returns for individuals, small business corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. In fact, you can start working and earning money while completing the program. After successfully finishing just the first two modules in the Chartered Tax Professional Certificate Program, you'll be qualified to prepare individual tax returns for almost all U.S. taxpayers.
$1,895 | 18 Months | 180 Course Hours
Payroll Practice and Managment (Career Training)
Whether you’re interested in obtaining a new career in payroll, or are an experienced payroll professional seeking a professional certification, this program will allow you to demonstrate the skills required to excel as a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP).
$1,795 | 6 Months | 100 Course Hours
Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks 2018 with Payroll Practice and Management (Career Training)
Begin your career journey into the high-demand field of bookkeeping by mastering QuickBooks 2018 — the leading financial software tool for small businesses. After an in-depth study of QuickBooks, you will learn the principles of payroll management. By the end of this comprehensive training, you will be an expert in payroll from basic accounting to double-entry bookkeeping. You will learn through hands-on activities designed to help you understand skills like handling accounts receivable and payable, accounting for fixed assets, and recording inventory.
$3,495 | 12 Months | 220 Course Hours
Sage 50 Certificate (Career Training)
The Sage 50 certification is a staple in the accounting industry and one of the most desirable accounting certifications. Sage 50 has earned their reputation in the accounting field with superior inventory management features and a robust software program to manage almost any companies accounting infrastructure. Students that obtain the Sage 50 Certification will be qualified to work in a variety of accounting positions in almost any sector.
$895 | 6 Months | 25 Course Hours


Administrative Professional with Microsoft Office 2013 Master (Career Training)
This program teaches the basic and necessary skills to work as an Administrative Professional, including the proficiencies required to work with four major Microsoft Office programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.  You will learn essential skills including how to work in a modern professional office, how to maintain a professional image, personal and professional ethics, communication essentials, technology basics, records and financial management, event planning and travel, and how to achieve career advancement.
$1,995 | 6 Months | 445 Course Hour
Administrative Professional with Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 (Career Training)
The Administrative Professional with Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 training program teaches the key skills you need to become an Administrative Professional and prepare you for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exams 77-418, 77-425, and 77-426 (Word), 77-420, 77-427, and 77-428 (Excel), 77-422 (PowerPoint), 77-423 (Outlook), and 77-424 (Access).
$2,395 | 6 Months | 455 Course Hours
Certified Administrative Professional Voucher Included (Career Training)
To be a successful administrative professional, you must possess skills to handle a wide variety of workplace tasks and scenarios. The Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) course serves two purposes. First, it prepares you to take the CAP exam offered by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). Second, it provides you with a broad selection of essential skills and knowledge to effectively work as an administrative assistant in fields including education, technology, government, and medicine.
$1,695 | 6 Months | 90 Course Hours
Dental Office Manager (Career Training)
This nationally recognized Administrative Dental Assistant Online Certificate Program will teach you the essential skills for managing the business aspects of a dental practice and becoming an administrative dental assistant as well as learn the how to manage a dentist’s office. You will learn about dental terminology and anatomy, medical records management, accounts receivable and reimbursement management, insurance and patient billing, patient scheduling, procedural and diagnostic coding, and other office responsibilities including arranging staff scheduling and staff meetings. The Administrative Dental Assistant Online Program will prepare you for a new career working in a dental office.
$3,995 | 18 Months | 410 Course Hours
Optical Manager (Career Training)
In this online program, you will gain the skills and knowledge to prepare yourself to become an entry-level optician and prepare for the American Board of Opticianry (ABO) certification —a certification that’s required by many states. You will learn how to read prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses, become familiar with the equipment opticians use, and gain an understanding of eye anatomy and eye diseases, as well as learn various office responsibilities within an optometrist’s office, including: bookkeeping; tracking inventory and sales; maintaining customer records (including payments and prescriptions).
$3,995 | 18 Months | 410 Course Hour
Records Management Certificate (Career Training)
This power-packed program will teach you how to manage electronic records and conquer the paper pile-up. The Records Management Online Training Program will give you an introduction to the profession of records and information management. It focuses on establishing and managing successful organization-wide records management programs. All textbook and materials for this program are included.
$1,595 | 6 Months | 180 Course Hours


Court Interpreter Spanish/English (Career Training)
The Court Interpreter training program prepares you to sit for the oral component of any State Court Interpreting Examination offered in the United States. This program is language specific – Spanish/English. You will acquire the three interpreting skills – simultaneous, consecutive and sight translation. You will learn the proper transfer of Criminal and Civil terminology into Spanish. Intensive online interpreting laboratory practices are included in this training program.
$2,395 | 9 Months | 200 Course Hours
Professional Interpreter (Career Training)
In this online program, you will master all the skills you need to begin a career as a professional interpreter. You will learn what public services interpreting entails, identify the responsibilities of a professional interpreter, and develop the skills to be an efficient interpreter and communicator. By the end of the program, you'll be fully prepared to begin working as a professional interpreter in the public services setting.
$995 | 6 Months | 40 Course Hours


CCBA Certification Training (Career Training)
The CCBA® training program is designed to ensure that you pass the Certification of Competency in Business Analysis exam on your first attempt. CCBA® is a globally recognized credential offered by IIBA to professionals who pass the CCBA® exam.  The CCBA® certification training is ideal for Business Analysts or professionals aspiring to be a Business Analyst who are keen on taking their skills and expertise to a new level in order to be able to provide optimal solutions for business development.
$495 | 6 Months | 35 Course Hours
Certified Credit Counselor (Exam Included) (Career Training)
The CCBA® certification training is ideal for Business Analysts or professionals aspiring to be a Business Analyst who are keen on taking their skills and expertise to a new level in order to be able to provide optimal solutions for business development.
$1,995 | 6 Months | 80 Course Hours