Advanced Career Training

Put yourself at the forefront of today's job market and find a career path that's right for you in one of our online Advanced Career Training Certificate programs.  In partnership with some of today's leading online education providers, the Center for Continuing Education offers over 100 certificate-based professional career training programs designed to help you start a new career or gain the skills you need to advance in your current one.  Programs are open to all (MSU and non-MSU students) and can be started at anytime and worked on at a time and pace that is convenient for you. Students will have access to all the lessons and assignments from day one, and many programs can be completed in less than six months.  Upon completing the program with a passing score, you will receive a certificate of completion from the Center for Continuing Education. Financial assistance is available to those that qualify.   

Explore what all we have to offer by program catagory below or by searching our online Career Training Catalog.  

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Program Catagories

Arts and Design (11 Programs)

You’re a creator. You’ve always wanted to be an artist, and it’s time to make that goal a reality. Whether you spend your time animating colorful characters or thinking about how much better a website could look if you got your hands on it, a concentration in Art and Design will help you turn your passion for dynamic visuals into a career. With focused art and design certifications, you could master the specifics of digital platforms or learn the tools and techniques needed to design an interior space where people can’t wait to live and work.

Business (76 Programs)

You’re a business-minded person: when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and turn a refreshing profit. Our flexible business courses will help you hone and focus these skills and build a successful career. Even the best ideas need a strong professional setting to grow and thrive. Strengthening your management know-how is the first step to turning your unique skills into a career.  

Child Development (2 Programs)

With our online child development courses, your inspiration will meet professional training. Prepare to earn your Child Development Associate (CDA) permit by completing a CDA preparation course. With this accomplishment in hand, you’ll be ready to take the permit exam with confidence.

Computer Applications (52 Programs)

No matter what you’re striving to do, it seems “there’s an app for that.” We live in an app-driven world, and with a concentration in computer applications, you’ll master the latest technology and prepare for a career in many of today’s most dynamic fields. From household names like Photoshop and Microsoft Excel to professional design and accounting programs, AutoCAD and QuickBooks, computer applications help to make our lives easier.

Computer Programming (13 Programs)
If you have the drive and ideas, but you’re still asking questions like, “What is coding used for?” you’re in the right place. Browse our list of computer courses, like CTFL Certification Training and Java Programmer, and start learning how to create the computer and information technology platforms you’d want to use. These competencies and credentials not only help you understand the digital world—they make you an asset to potential employers in multiple fields, from computer programming and networking to business and digital marketing.
Construction and Trades (34 Programs)

Turn your experience into a dynamic career with our online construction training. If your career goals include serving your community with specialized skills or building something to be proud of from the ground up, consider a concentration in construction and trades. Online construction courses will prepare you to work in a hands-on environment safely and successfully.

Health and Fitness (52 Programs)

The health and fitness field has many roles, but a shared goal: helping people live their best lives possible. The purpose of health education is to equip you to pursue that goal, too. With our online programs in medical coding, personal fitness training, activity direction, and more, you’ll have the knowledge and experience to pursue a meaningful career in healthcare and fitness.

Hospitality (23 Programs)

You believe the best memories are meant to be shared. Guest lists, floral design, vendor lists, travel itineraries—these are your tools. When friends and family reach milestones or major life events, you go into planning mode. Turn this passion and talent into a fulfilling and meaningful career with courses in hospitality. You’ll learn how to create awesome experiences and unforgettable events with knowledgeable instructors and flexible online hospitality courses.

Information Technology (57 Programs)

Information technology includes many career paths and skill sets. Learn networking, cyber security, and cloud computing to launch a future in a new field. These concentrations can prepare you to work as a network engineer, security analyst, and much more. Plus, many of our classes include a voucher to take the certification exams after you complete the course, bringing you one step closer to exciting new possibilities.

Legal in partnership with ed2go (11 Programs) 

You might be the only one in your circle of friends who finds jury duty fascinating. You’ve always been curious about civic and legal processes—how they’re made, upheld, and interpreted. This curiosity could become an exciting new career with some foundational legal courses. With us, you’ll receive legal training to pursue many career paths, including positions as a mediator, arbitrator, paralegal, or court reporter.

Legal in partnership with The Center for Legal Studies (15 Programs)

We take a practical approach to teaching the meanings and applications of laws and legal systems with a focus on earning in-demand certifications and building skills you can take into the workplace. With a flexible legal education, you’ll pair your curiosity with rigorous training in research, negotiation, analysis, and more.

Technical Writing (1 Program)

Communication is one of the most important elements of any business, and in many industries, employees rely heavily on written instructions and procedures. Technical writers advance and improve both internal and external communications by writing for websites, emails, proposals, technical instructions, and more. Professionals with these skills are in high demand throughout the business world.

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