Text Book Information

A textbook is required for all High School Online courses. You may purchase the book from a vendor of your choosing.

Algebra II
Textbook: Algebra II
Publisher: Glencoe, 2014
ISBN#: 9780076639908

Textbook: Intro to Plant Biology
Publisher: McGraw Hill, 2014
ISBN#:  9780073369440

Textbook: Economics:  Concepts and Choices
Publisher: Holt McDougal, 2011
ISBN#: 9780547082943

English III
Textbook: Writing with Power, Grade 11
Publisher: Perfection Learning
ISBN#: 9781615636341

English IV
Textbook: Writing with Power, Level 12
Publisher: Perfection Learning, 2012
ISBN#: 978-161563636-5

Textbook: Geometry
Publisher: Glencoe, 2014
ISBN#: 9780076639298

Textbook: Glencoe Health
Publisher: Glencoe, 2007
ISBN#: 9780078726545

Mississippi Studies
Textbook: A Place Called Mississippi
Publisher: Clairmont Press
ISBN#: 9781567332445 or 1567332447

U.S. Government
Textbook: United States Government
Publisher: Holt McDougal, 2012
ISBN#: 9780547451381

Textbook: Zoology 9th Edition
Publisher: McGraw Hill, 2013
ISBN#: 9780073524177