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Program Overview and Guidelines

The policies and guidelines below apply to those interested in enrolling in an online course(s) to meet graduation requirements at their local schools. For more questions please contact Ellen Haas at   

Student Eligibility

It is the responsibility of the student/counselor to ensure that a student is eligible to take a course. The MSU High School Online office is not responsible for determining if pre‐requisites have been met prior to taking a course.

It is the student's responsibility to work with their high school counselor prior to enrollment to determine if he/she is eligible to earn credit for a course and if the school will accept the course for credit.

All students MUST have written approval from their home school (counselor and/or principal), their parent or guardian, and agree to all program policies and procedures in order to enroll in a class.

Enroll in a Course

To enroll in an online high school course complete the course request below.  Students will be contacted within three (3) business days of receiving a completed course request form with information on how to register for their course(s). Completed forms should be sent to Ellen Haas:

  • By email:
  • By fax: 662-325-2702
  • In person: Suite 330 Bost, 190 Bost Dr. Mississippi State, MS 39762

Enroll in a Course

Course Completion Timelines

All courses have a 30 day minimum for completion.

Half (1/2) credit courses must be completed within six months of the student gaining access to the course.

One (1) credit courses must be completed within one year of the student gaining access to the course.

NOTE * All courses needed to meet graduation requirements for the current school year MUST be completed by April 1. This deadline ensures all documentation arrives at the school in time for graduation. This deadline does not apply if the student is not graduating during the current school year.

Fees and Payment

Once all forms are completed and received, the student will receive information via email to make a payment electronically. The MSU High School Online office does not accept any check or cash payments. All payments must be made using a debit/credit card or Money Order.

  • The fee for a half (1/2) credit course is $175.
  • The fee for a full credit (1) course is $325.
  • Course extensions are $85.

Course Refunds

Full (100%) refunds are ONLY issued within five (5) business days of payment being received. Refunds will be issued using the same method payment was made (debit, credit, or money order).

Fifty (50%) refunds will be issued within 15 days of a complete registration. A registration is considered complete when all needed documentation and paperwork has been received by the High School Online office and the student gains access to the course.

No refunds will be issued outside of the refund policy due to course prerequisites not being met prior to enrollment.

No refunds will be issued after 15 days of a student gaining access to a course.

Refund Request Form

Course Extensions

Students may extend their enrollment in a course by submitting a Course Extension Request Form.  This form along with payment should be submitted to the High School Online office within 15 days of course expiration.  The High School Online Coordinator will determine how much additional time will be added to each course.

The fee for a course extension is $85/course.  The new course deadline will be calculated from the actual expiration date of the original enrollment.

To request a course request from, email Ellen Haas at

Changing Courses

Students wishing to change their course enrollment to another course, must be dropped from their original course according to the refund policy and register in the appropriate class at the full registration fee.

Course Materials

No textbooks are required to take online courses.  All course material and readings will be in an online format within the course.   

Students can interact with course instructors through email and course discussion boards.

Academic Integrity

Students must adhere to the MSU Honor Code:


Course assignments will be graded by course instructors in a timely manner (5 – 7 days); however, students should expect a delay in grading times during the holidays.

Final Grades

Final grades will be issued in numerical format and sent directly to the student’s counselor upon completion of the course. Schools will be responsible for assigning the student an equivalent letter grade based on their district/schools grading scale.

Students successfully completing coursework are NOT issued any type of college or continuing education credit.  All credit for successful course completion will be determined and issued by the student’s home school.


All test taken by students enrolled in the MSU High School Online program must be proctored by an approved proctor and/or taken at an approved testing facility.

Proctors must be approved before access to a course is granted.  The most acceptable choice for a proctor is a counselor or principle at the student’s school. A relative cannot serve as a proctor.

When a student is ready to take an exam, the proctor will contact the High School Online office via email to obtain a password for the exam.

Proctor Request Form