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Online CEUs for Teachers

Do you need CEUs?  We offer a variety of teacher professional development classes worth .5 CEUs.  These classes can be completed entirely online at your convenience in as little as 5 hours.  These 5-hour courses were developed by instructors from MSU's College of Education to address current school issues.  

To be awarded the .5 CEUs, students must complete all coursework and pass a final exam with a minimum score of 70%. To be eligible for CEUs the student must spend a minimum of 5 hours in the course.  CEU certificates will be issued electronically to your account within 3 business days upon successful course completion.  Hours will be verified prior to certificates being issued.    

To register for a course, click on the class title and "Add to Cart".  Each course is $55.00 and includes a CEU certificate upon successful completion. 

For class questions or assistance contact Amber Shultice at or call 662-325-1457.  

Integrating 21st Century Skills  (0.5 CEUs)
As today’s education has been revolutionized, educators must exhibit characteristics of a 21st century teacher to revolution their methods for teaching and reaching their students. This course will broaden your perspective of 21st century skills students need for success, characteristics of a 21st century teacher, and ways to cultivate 21st century skills in your classroom. This course includes many supplemental resources that can be implemented in your classroom.

Parental Involvement  (0.5 CEUs)
This course discusses parental involvement in education and the results from a recent study conducted by Learning Heroes. You will gain insight about common misconceptions among parents/educators while learning many ideas and tangible approaches teachers can implement in their classrooms that can lead to more parental involvement and support at home. This course includes many supplemental resources and technology tools/apps for increasing parental involvement.

Creating a Positive Classroom Environment  (0.5 CEUs)
Imagine a classroom in which all the students feel safe, valued and supported. A classroom in which both students and teacher can't wait to get into each day. You can have this classroom by purposefully cultivating a positive classroom environment. The lessons in this course will help you create a positive classroom environment that will promote greater social emotional and academic learning.

Scaffolding for the Elementary Classroom  (0.5 CEUs)
The five lessons presented in this course are designed to assist educators in being able to reach the needs of each child in the classroom by presenting an overview of how to scaffold lessons and or assignments to meet those needs.

What Successful Teachers Do  (0.5 CEUs)
What makes teachers successful? Is the success contingent upon strategies, research, theories, or classroom applications? Glasgow and Hicks, authors of What SUCCESSFUL Teachers DO, has compiled a resource with 91 research-based classroom strategies for new and veteran teachers. The strategies combine theory and research to revitalize the classroom and the careers of novice and veteran teachers. This module will discuss several strategies from the book. ​

ADHD in the Classroom  (0.5 CEUs)
The five lessons presented in this course are designed to bring awareness to educators and assist educators in understanding how to effectively support a child with ADHD in the classroom.

Learning About Dyslexia  (0.5 CEUs)
Dyslexia awareness is increasing as more research is being conducted. The learning disability can cause difficulty in school and overshadow the strengths and abilities of the individual in the classroom if teachers are not knowledgeable about the disability. Many people with dyslexia have accomplished great things and are very intelligent. This course will help educators learn more about dyslexia so they can meet the needs of students with dyslexia.

Classroom Management Basics  (0.5 CEUs)
Good classroom management is the cornerstone to effective instruction at any grade level. Although managing a classroom well can be a daunting task, it can be accomplished with a few basic principles. This course will help you begin to think about some key components of effective classroom management - classroom arrangement, rules, procedures, positive reinforcement, and consequences.



Understanding Bullying in Elementary School (0.5 CEUs)  

Understanding Bullying in Middle School (0.5 CEUs)

Understanding Bullying in High School (0.5 CEUs)

Each course contains a video presentation, articles and videos for an overview of the current state of research on the prevalence and nature of bullying as well as useful information to facilitate interventions on the school level or as an individual in their own classroom.  Discover that your potential to make a difference is great! 

While each course is self-paced, these courses are not open enrollment.  You will register for a start date from the table below.  Please complete the online registration process to enroll in the date of your choosing.  You will receive course access information via email prior to the start date.

Registration Deadline

Course Start Date

March 25

April 1

April 8

April 15

April 22

April 29

May 6

May 13

May 20

May 27

June 3

June 10

June 17

June 24