Information moves a mile a minute, thanks to nonstop developments in technology. As the information technology industry grows, so do career and learning opportunities—and you’ve got to keep up! Get up to speed with our IT courses. We offer flexible and trustworthy training to prepare you to achieve in-demand skills and certifications. Whether you want to learn basic computer skills or study for specific certifications like Cisco, Microsoft and others, you can build a stellar IT education.

Cloud Computing


AWS System Operations Certification Bundle
In this training program, students will be introduced to Amazon Web Services (AWS) products, services, and common solutions. Students will also learn how to create automatable and repeatable deployments of networks and systems on the AWS platform. This program will prepare students to sit for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate exam.
Start Anytime | 12 Months | 90 Course Hours | $3,995

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Training
Many businesses are migrating to the cloud; with that, the global cloud computing market is projected to reach $270 billion by 2020. This massive migration has started to create an increase in demand for professionals with cloud computing skills. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, projects “employment of Network and Computer Systems Administrators… to grow 12 percent from 2012 to 2022.”  CompTIA™ Cloud+ Certification Training equips you with the skills needed to understand and execute an Infrastructure as a Service (SaaS) cloud computing model. It covers standard methodologies required to securely implement and maintain cloud technologies.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 75 Course Hours | $1,495

EXIN Cloud Computing
EXIN’s Cloud Computing Foundation is not only a technical cloud program, but focuses on the business and management side of cloud computing as well. These skill-sets are incredible valuable with the cloud market consistently growing by over 10% per year.  With this credential you will be well prepared for positions requiring high level cloud technology expertise. This program examines the auditing and service response within cloud computing, as well the delegation of IT responsibilities within an environment focused on cloud technology.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 25 Course Hours | $695
Networking Programs


CCNA: Collaboration (Voucher Included) 
The Cisco CCNA Collaboration program focuses on providing the skills and knowledge necessary to implement Cisco Collaboration and UC Solutions. You will learn how to set-up a telephony infrastructure from the ground up and upon completion be qualified for a variety of IT and Telecommunications positions. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a voucher to take the Cisco 210-060 CICD certifying exam.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 75 Course Hours | $1,695

CCNA: Routing and Switching
Cisco CCNA certification training provides in-depth, hands-on instruction in routed and switched LAN emulation networks made up of Cisco equipment. This program is designed to give you the essential knowledge to install, configure, and operate a small enterprise branch network, including basic network security. In this program you will also have the opportunity to practice the principles taught in a virtual, interactive lab.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 180 Course Hours | $1,995

CCNA Wireless (Voucher Included) 
Cisco technology is dominating the IT hardware marketplace; with Cisco certifications you will have a considerable advantage in marketability. The Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless (CCNA Wireless) validates associate-level knowledge and skills to configure, implement and support wireless LANs, specifically networks using Cisco equipment, all of which are rapidly growing areas in the IT market. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a voucher to take the Cisco 200-355 WIFUND certifying exam.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 85 Course Hours | $1,695

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) 
With IT Security being the fastest growing sector within the industry, professionals with the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification will be well prepared for senior level security and auditing positions. After completing this CISA online training, you will be proficient in Auditing Standards, Auditing Governance, Security Design, among many others IT security principles.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 120 Course Hours | $795

Cisco Certified Network Professional  (CCNP) (Voucher Included) 
The CCNP Certification Training Bundle contains 3 training courses, preparing you for the CCNP Routing & Switching certification. The CCNP certification is one of the highest level credentials Cisco offers, preparing you for positions as a Network Engineer, System Engineer, Network Administrator and many other positions. You will be proficient in advanced IP addressing and routing in implementing scalable and highly secure Cisco routers that are connected to LANs, WANs, and IPv6.
Start Anytime | 12 Months | 260 Course Hours | $2,895

CompTIA Certification Training: A+, Network+, Security + (Vouchers Included) 
Careers in Information Technology are steadily growing, and what better way to train for a new career than to prepare for three respected certifications in one convenient online program? This program will help you build the foundational knowledge needed for employment in cutting-edge IT roles. Upon completion of the program, you will be given vouchers to take all three certifying exams.
Start Anytime | 12 Months | 480 Hours | $3,995

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Server 2012
The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Windows Server 2012 program can take you to the next level in your IT career. This program validates the primary set of Windows Server 2012 skills, relevant across multiple solution areas in a business environment.  You will prepare to manage IT departments as a Network or Computer Systems Administrator or as a Computer Network Specialist.
Start Anytime | 12 Months | 230 Course Hours | $2,195

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): SQL Server 2012 
The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): SQL Server 2012 program enables you to take your professional database career to a new level. This program validates the primary set of SQL Server 2012 skills, relevant across multiple solution areas in business environments. You will prepare to manage a database environment as a database developer and as a database analyst.
Start Anytime | 12 Months | 360 Course Hours | $1,995

CCNA: Routing and Switching (Voucher Included) 
Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) (Voucher Included) 
Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) 
CompTIA A+ Certification Training
CompTIA A+ Certification Training (Vouchers Included)
CompTIA Certification Training: A+, Network+, Security+ Training Programs
CompTIA Network+ Certification Training
CompTIA Network+ Certification Training (Voucher Included) 
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Server 2012 (Voucher Included) 
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): SQL Server 2012 (Voucher Included)
Other Technology Programs
COBIT 5 Certification Training
The COBIT® 5 Certification Training program is meant for IT professionals seeking knowledge and understanding of the governance and management of enterprise IT. It is the only business framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT. The COBIT® 5 Certification Training program includes 6 lessons that cover the 5 principles and 7 enablers that form the basis of the COBIT® 5 business framework. Additionally, there are real-life scenarios and quizzes to supplant the training.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 20 Course Hours | $695

CompTIA Project+ (Voucher Included)
Project management skills are needed in almost every field and can separate you from the rest of the workforce. According to CompTIA, project management is one of the top specialized skills required by employers. According to PMI, the national job growth rate for project management professionals is about 17%, which is more than twice the national average for all occupations.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 100 Course Hours | $1,695

Digital Game Artist Certificate
The Digital Game Artist Certificate program trains students to become professional video game artists. Training centers around developing core skills for jobs related to Digital Art, 3D Art, Modeling, Character Design and Environmental Art Design. Once completed, students will have multiple employable skills including modeling game props and characters, importing required elements into game specific software, animation of game assets, and more.
Start Anytime | 18 Months | 600 Course Hours | $2,595

Forensic Computer Examiner
For many years, law enforcement officers have been the primary forensic computer examiners; however the need for qualified civilian forensic computer examiners is growing faster than ever. The Forensic Computer Examiner Online Training Program will help you break into this field by preparing you for the Certified Computer Examiner credential. This online certificate program is offered in partnership with major colleges, universities, and other accredited education providers.
Start Anytime | 12 Months | 80 Course Hours | $3,095

Help Desk Analyst: Tier 1 Support Specialist 
If you're interested in being a part of the computer industry, working in customer support is a great place to start. The Help Desk Analyst: Tier 1 Support Specialist Online Training Program will give you the skills to work in this exciting field.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 120 Course Hours | $1,495

IT Foundations Bundle
Take one full year to learn about DevOps, ITIL and SIAM and their benefits for organizations. You will learn the basics of IT service management, as well as about how approaches to IT are evolving.
Start Anytime | 12 Months | 60 Course Hours | $1,195

ITIL Foundation (Voucher Included) 
The ITIL Foundation is the entry level certification and offers you a general awareness of the key elements, concepts, and terminology used in the ITIL® service lifecycle, including the links between lifecycle stages, the processes used and their contribution to service management practices. 
Start Anytime | 3 Months | 20 Course Hours | $795

ITIL Capability Expert
This ITIL Capability Expert program is aimed at students working in IT Service Management or with previous IT Management experience. This program is operationally focused for those involved in day-to-day process activities.
Start Anytime | 12 Months | 150 Course Hours | $1,995

Management for IT Professionals 
If you manage IT professionals, this program is for you! The leaders in an organization often set the tone and establish the benchmarks for success. In this program, you'll explore different decision-making techniques in the context of successful leadership styles. The focus is on developing a successful leadership style that facilitates team building, collaboration, and a corporate culture that promotes success.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 390 Course Hours | $2,295

Professional Certificate in Tech Fundamentals
Professional Certificate in Tech Fundamentals is a brand new program that closes the gap between business and technology and help professionals understand how to align their business needs with their company’s tech team. This program is designed for professionals in non-technology roles, including but not limited to: entrepreneurs, human resources, marketing, finance, and project management.  
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 50 Course Hours | $1,695

CompTIA Project+ 
IT Foundations Bundle (Vouchers Included)
ITIL Lifecycle Expert
ITIL Lifecycle Expert (Vouchers Included) 
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Windows 7 
VMware Certified Associate
Security Programs
Certified Ethical Hacker (Voucher Included)
The Certified Ethical Hacker program is the pinnacle of the most desired information security training program any information security professional will ever want to be in. To master the hacking technologies, you will need to become one, but an ethical one! The accredited course provides the advanced hacking tools and techniques used by hackers and information security professionals alike to break into an organization. As we put it, “To beat a hacker, you need to think like a hacker”.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 100 Course Hours | $2,895 

CCNA: Security
Cisco certifications have grown rapidly in popularity over the last 5 years – mainly driven by the emergence of Cisco dominating the IT hardware market. IT security has follow-up a similar trend, showing job growth of over 35% over the last 7 years. With both Cisco and IT Security on the rise, having the CCNA security certification provides you with a considerable amount of marketability for a variety of IT Security positions.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 105 Course Hours | $1,695

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
Information Security has become a critical part of virtually every IT organization, and that growth is expected to continue. The demand for information security professionals is equally strong, with a recent report stating "56% of cyber security jobs require CISSP”. The CISSP credential demonstrates in-depth technical knowledge and experience that employers and other industry professionals recognize.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 150 Course Hours | $1,995

CompTIA Linux+ (Vouchers Included)
Linux+ is a foundation level certification for Linux administrators. By taking the Linux+ program you will become an expert in one of the world’s most popular Operating Systems. Linux is extremely popular within Fortune 500 and Government organizations, due to its ability to withstand large amounts of users as well as its ability for customization. With the amount of infrastructure built on Linux, there is always a large demand for those that are proficient in the technology.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 95 Course Hours | $1,295 

Information Security Master Certification Training
You will become knowledgeable in all areas of IT security; this program provides 7 different training courses; covering the entire spectrum of IT security. In today’s world, security is a constant concern of any business or organization. With techniques changing every day, it’s paramount that companies protect themselves by having high level security experts on staff. One small oversight can cost millions so companies are willing to pay the high salaries demanded by these types of IT professionals. You will become an expert in all areas of IT security, making their knowledge highly desired in the marketplace. 
Start Anytime | 12 Months | 330 Course Hours | $2,495

Information Security Training (Vouchers Included) 
You will complete the CISA, CISM and CISSP certification training programs and gain 3 of the highest level certifications available in the IT security industry. IT Security is the fastest growing sector of IT and is projected to grow even more rapidly in upcoming years. Having these credentials will ensure you are marketable and competitive for the positions in this area of the IT field.
Start Anytime | 9 Months | 165 Course Hours | $3,295

IT Security Survival Training (Vouchers Included)
If you are wanting to start or advance your career in IT security, this program provides training in all areas of IT security. You will learn everything from security protocol to advanced forensics and cryptography. In today’s marketplace, IT security is one of the most important area of concerns for corporations – with hacking and intrusion attempts occurring on a daily basis. Company’s budgets have reflected this, with available positions in IT security never being more plentiful.
Start Anytime | 12 Months | 225 Course Hours | $4,295


 SSCP Systems Security Certified Practitioner (Voucher Included) 
Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) is a premier security certification offered by ISC(2), ideal for those wanting to begin or advance a career in computer networking or security. This program will prepare you for this industry recognized certification, as well as a career in the information technology sector. Upon completion of the program, you will be given vouchers to take the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) exam.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 80 Course Hours | $1,795

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) Voucher Included 
CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Voucher Included 
CompTIA Security+ Certification Training
CompTIA Security+ Certification Training (Voucher Included) 
Information Security Master Certification Training (Vouchers Included) 
Information Security Training
SSCP Systems Security Certified Practitioner