Legal Certifications


You might be the only one in your circle of friends who finds jury duty fascinating. You’ve always been curious about civic and legal processes—how they’re made, upheld, and interpreted. This curiosity could become an exciting new career with some foundational legal courses. With us, you’ll receive legal training to pursue many career paths, including positions as a mediator, arbitrator, paralegal, or court reporter.


Legal Programs


Certificate in Family Mediation
This course provides you with the skillset necessary for becoming a Family Mediator. In this comprehensive course, you will receive training in the Mediators Without Borders INACCORD® conflict resolution model. You will learn special skills necessary for mediating familial disputes and parent-child issues, including niche topics such as disagreements with aging family members and probate and estate conflicts.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 240 Course Hours | $3,895

Certificate in Healthcare and Eldercare
This course provides you with the skills necessary to become a practicing mediator specializing in healthcare or eldercare disputes. It provides training in the INACCORD® conflict resolution model, and offers you the chance to practice your skills through simulated role playing exercises. Additional specialized training will cover healthcare and eldercare topics including bioethics, family-provider disputes, elder abuse, and common billing and insurance conflicts.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 240 Course Hours | $3,895

Certificate in Mediation and Arbitration
This course provides you with the comprehensive training necessary for becoming a certified mediation or arbitration professional. It is structured around the Mediators Without Borders INACCORD® conflict resolution model, and offers you the chance to practice your skills through simulated role playing exercises. Skills covered include facilitating hearings, weighing evidence and testimony, and rendering awards, as well as fundamentals of conflict analysis and resolution.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 200 Course Hours | $3,495

Federal Court Interpreter
The Federal Court Interpreter training program prepares you to sit for the oral component of any State or Federal Court Interpreting Examinations offered in the United States. This program is language specific – Spanish/English. You will acquire the three interpreting skills – simultaneous, consecutive and sight translation. You will learn the proper transfer of Criminal and Civil terminology into Spanish. Intensive online interpreting laboratory practices will give you the opportunity to practice what is learned in each lecture.
Start Anytime | 9 Months | 200 Course Hours | $2,395

Legal Secretary
This program teaches you all the skills you need to work for a lawyer in a law office. You will master everything from legal office management and accounting to legal terminology and legal writing. This program will prepare you for the National Association of Legal Professionals (NALS) Accredited Legal Professional (ALP) examination.
Start Anytime | 6 Months | 350 Course Hours | $2,295

The Paralegal Online Training Program will prepare you for success in this growing career field. You’ll learn about the U.S. legal system, how to conduct legal research and legal interviews, how to perform legal analyses, and more. Your training will prepare you to become a legal secretary or paralegal and to take the certification exam.
Start Anytime | 12 Months | 300 Course Hours | $1,995

Advanced Legal Research and Writing
Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course
Alternative Dispute Resolution Certificate Course
Employment Law Certificate Course
Intellectual Property Law for Engineers
Legal Investigation Certificate Course
Legal Nurse Consultant Training Course
Medical Professional Legal Consultant
Paralegal Certificate Course
Personal Injury for Paralegals
Preparing for the LSAT
Software Essentials for the Law Office
Victim Advocacy Certificate Course