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Advanced Career Training

Career Training Programs to Help You Take Your Career to the Next Level


► Enrollment is open to all and University admission is not required.

► Financial assistance is available to those who qualify.

► Start any time and work at a pace that is convenient for you.  




  • (ISC)² CAP® Training Boot Camp

    The (ISC)² CAP® teaches you the best practices, policies, and procedures used to authorize and maintain information systems. You will learn how to use the Risk Management Framework (RMF) to support your organization’s operations while complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • (ISC)² CCSP® Training Boot Camp

    The (ISC)² CCSP® Training Boot Camp is a comprehensive program designed to build your skills around securing cloud-based environments. You will learn about cloud architecture and design requirements, operational and compliance issues, and the security of cloud data, applications, and infrastructure. 

    You will leave the boot camp fully prepared to earn your CCSP certification, one of the most in-demand certifications focused on cloud security.
    The exam cost for the (ISC)² CCSP® certification exam is included with your enrollment.

  • (ISC)² CISSP® Training Boot Camp

    Earning your CISSP certification requires a broad range of cybersecurity skills, from developing security policies to managing risk to understanding technical security controls. Infosec’s industry-leading approach to CISSP training provides the tools you need to master this knowledge, including becoming an information systems pro.

  • Behavioral and Psychiatric Health Technician

    Behavioral health and psychiatric technician training teaches the skills you need to provide direct services and support to patients who display patterns of disruptive behavior that requires management and intervention.

    The most successful behavioral health and psychiatric technicians have a genuine desire to help others—they’re ethical, kind, and possess incredible empathy. That’s because they spend a significant bulk of their time addressing the personal needs of their patients, assisting with daily grooming and therapeutic activities.  

  • Caregiver

    Reality check: the healthcare industry would completely fall apart without exceptional caregivers. They act with integrity. They’re strong communicators. They’re compassionate. And they make every patient feel heard, valued, and respected. A world without caregivers is like a world without art or music—and that’s a world we don’t want to live in.

  • Certified Bookkeeper

    Bookkeeping forms the backbone of every organization's need to carefully account for its financial activities. It accounts for sales, purchases, and payments that flow through an entity. Bookkeepers are crucial to every organization and certified bookkeepers are the elite of their profession. This 100% online course will prepare you for certification by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB).

  • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) (Voucher Included)

    Clinical medical assistants combine clinical and procedural knowledge, working across the domain of health care facilities to aid inpatient treatments and clinical operations. They are tasked with working directly with patients and supporting the work of doctors and other health care professionals. The 100% online course will prepare you to work as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA), designated by the National Healthcare Career Association (NHA).


  • Certified Medical Administrative Assistant with Medical Billing and Coding (Vouchers Included)

    Nationwide, healthcare is one of the fastest growing fields for new jobs. This 100% online course will prepare you for a career in healthcare as a medical assistant and billing/coding specialist. By course completion, you will be ready to pass the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) national certification exam offered by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) and receive a voucher which covers the fee of the exam. You will also be able to choose a voucher for the medical billing and coding certification that best aligns with your interests and career goals (CPC, CCA, or CBCS).

  • Certified Paralegal

    Certified paralegals play an extremely important role in the legal industry. This 100% online course will prepare you for the Certified Paralegal (CP) exam, offered by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). You’ll learn how to perform a variety of tasks that paralegals experience every day, such as legal research, interviews, analysis and more.

  • Cisco CCNA Dual Certification Training Boot Camp

    Prepare for the CCNA and Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate Exams

  • Clinical Dental Assistant (Voucher Included)

    The Clinical Dental Assistant Online Training Program will prepare you to become a productive member of a dental team as a professional dental assistant. You'll learn about every aspect of professional dental assisting, including invaluable real-world perspectives from experienced dental assistants and essential information about anatomy and physiology, preventive dentistry, patient care and communication, radiology, pharmacology, anesthesia, assisting in specialty practices, employment strategies, and much more. Upon finishing this program, you'll be prepared to successfully complete the radiology and infection control portions of the Dental Assisting National Board* exam.

  • CompTIA A+ Certification

    CompTIA's A+ certification is the top credential for associate-level IT professionals. This 100% online course will prepare you for CompTIA A+ certification exams 220-1001 and 220-1002. You’ll learn how to install and configure operating systems, expand IT security, troubleshoot software and other common operational procedures.

  • CompTIA A+ with ITIL Foundation

    Earning a CompTIA A+ Certification is a critical first step in opening the door to your Information Technology career. Throughout this course, you will learn the essential skills needed to start a career working within the industry. CompTIA™ A+ Certification is internationally recognized, giving you a competitive advantage no matter what country you're working in and what hardware you're working with.

  • CompTIA CySA+ Training Boot Camp

    The CompTIA CySA+ Boot Camp is a comprehensive five-day training that teaches you the knowledge and skills required to configure and use the latest industry-standard threat detection tools. Throughout the cybersecurity program, you will learn how to perform data analysis to identify vulnerabilities and expose cyber threats — with the ultimate goal of helping organizations protect and secure their applications and systems.

  • CompTIA Security+ Boot Camp

    Prepare for Certification in a Live, Online Format

  • Computer Technician

    Computer technicians help develop and maintain network technology, debug issues, resolve server problems, and identify viruses that cause trouble for users. In healthcare, where these complications can wreak havoc on a provider’s ability to serve their patients, the role of computer techs is absolutely essential.

    If you’re super tech-savvy, you might love being a computer technician.

  • Contact Tracing and Infection Control

    Contact tracing is a popular method of containment that’s making massive strides in the industry. But—as is the case with most healthcare professions—we need more qualified pros with proper training that isn’t easy to find.

    The Contact Tracing and Infection Control course covers all CDC-recommended training elements required to successfully identify patients who have come in close contact with a particular virus or contagion. We’ll discuss important breach avoidance strategies and outline the main steps involved in the contact tracing process.

  • EKG Technician

    EKG technicians work in hospitals, clinics, cardiac centers, and private practices. Depending on the facility, the environment can be fast-paced and fairly high-pressure, and your schedule may include nights or weekends. EKG operation requires techs to be in close physical contact with patients, so it’s important that your people skills are up to par, and clear, timely communication is key, since other members of the medical team rely on the results of your work. It’s an active role, and our online EKG technician training program will prepare you to nail it.

  • Ethical Hacking Dual Certification Boot Camp

    Earn Your CEH and PenTest+ Credentials

  • Freight Broker/Agent Training

    Learn the skills you need in order to be a successful Freight Broker/Agent.  In this growing industry, as a service based business, you connect shippers and manufacturers with transportation companies and manage those shipments.

  • Graphic Design with Photoshop (Software Included)

    This course will provide you with robust instructions on how to use Adobe Photoshop as a tool to create engaging and effective visuals. Using principles, theories, and time-tested practices of graphic design, you will discover strategies for producing images that convey desired messages, styles, and tones.

  • Health and Lifestyle Coach

    Sure, most folks know they should try to eat right and hit the gym a few times per week. But that’s easier said than done. Health coaches provide the motivation people need to take their common-sense knowledge and turn it into effective action. And with the right training, you could be a catalyst for change in your community.

    This course is packed with extensive content that will make you an authority on the topics of health and wellness.

  • Healthcare IT Professional

    Health information technology is the secure management of health information across computerized systems, and health information technicians work behind the scenes in healthcare facilities to improve patient care through tech. Here’s a slight zoom-in on their responsibilities:

    • Obtain, process, and record healthcare data.
    • Ensure information quality and security.
    • Install and administer basic computer systems and networks.
    • Determine hardware and interface problems and provide support.

  • Hemodialysis Technician

    Hemodialysis technicians provide life-saving medical intervention to patients with chronic kidney disease or renal failure. Hemodialysis techs operate the blood-filtering dialysis machine and monitor patients during treatment.

  • Home Health Aide

    Home health aides wear a lot of hats. They’re companions, healthcare professionals, life coaches, and—in many ways— therapists. Here’s a breakdown of their responsibilities:

    • Assisting clients with daily tasks like bathing, dressing, organizing, and scheduling appointments

    • Vacuuming, washing dishes, doing laundry, etc.

  • Human Resources Professional

    Become a Certified HR Professional

    Human capital is the single most important asset in any business and human resources professionals are charged with protecting these assets. This 100% online training course will prepare you for the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification exam offered by the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). You will be fully equipped to advance your career as a certified PHR in only 6 months.

  • ISACA CISA Training Boot Camp

    Information security is critical in today’s fast-paced world, and that’s led to a growing demand for professionals who understand how to measure the risk of an organization’s data and systems and create and administer programs and policies to combat security breaches.

  • ISACA CISM Training Boot Camp

    This CISM Boot Camp is designed for experienced information security managers and other professionals who manage, design, oversee or assess an enterprise’s information security.

    The training prepares you for the CISM certification exam by testing your knowledge and your ability to apply it to real-world scenarios. You will gain in-depth knowledge of security governance, risk management, security program development and management, and security incident management.

  • Medical Billing and Coding (Vouchers Included)

    Medical billing and coding is one of the fastest growing work-from-home careers in the healthcare field!  Upon completion of this 100% online program, you’ll receive a voucher for the certification exam of your choice: CPC, CCA or CBCS.

  • Medical Scribe

    Medical scribes have become more and more common in medical offices. But they do a lot more than check off boxes on EHRs—they record critical information and allow physicians more time to focus on their patients.

    Medical scribes aren’t on the frontlines of healthcare, which is good for those who prefer a little more predictability in their daily routines. They generally work behind the scenes —sometimes from the comfort of their own home—listening to dictations and converting them into written documents. Here’s what their daily responsibilities might include:

  • Mental Health Technician

    Mental health technicians are on the frontlines of a battle very few know how to win. They provide valuable guidance in an area of healthcare that was dismissed and ignored for a long time. And now, after years and years of neglect, mental health technicians are picking up the pieces. Here’s a breakdown of their responsibilities:

    • Leading patients in therapeutic and recreational activities

    • Observing behavior

    • Listening to patient concerns

    • Assisting with daily activities like eating and bathing

  • Microsoft 365

    Desktop administrators carry a lot on their shoulders. They’re responsible for maintaining an org’s workflow and keeping the lines of communication open. They install, configure, upgrade, maintain, and support desktop systems—all in an effort to keep their business from flying off the rails.

  • Microsoft Azure Dual Certification Boot Camp

    The Microsoft Azure Dual Certification Boot Camp teaches you vital Microsoft Azure administration and security skills through hands-on labs and expert instruction. The intensive training prepares you to pass the two exams necessary to become a Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate and Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate.

  • MSU Extension Master Floral Designer Program

    Do you like to design with flowers and greenery for your home, place of work, or friends and family? If so, consider enrollment in the MSU Extension Master Floral Designer (MFD) certificate program. MFDs learn all the basics of fresh floral design and importantly, what makes a design beautiful.

  • Patient Care Coordinator

    When patients are struggling due to illness, age, or injury, you’ll be there to provide basic care and help boost their quality of life. Patient care technician duties include the following responsibilities:

    • Bathing and feeding
    • Placing and managing catheters
    • Collecting lab specimens
    • Monitoring vital signs
    • Cleaning patients’ rooms and supplies
    • Performing EKG and phlebotomy procedures

  • Patient Care Technician

    With the ever increasing demand on the healthcare industry, patient care technicians are a vital part of today’s medical workforce. Under the supervision of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, a patient care technician (PCT) helps look after sick and injured patients.

    Their primary duties include the following:

  • Pharmacy Technician Certification

    Learn the skills you need to become a pharmacy tech in a hospital or retail setting with the Pharmacy Technician Online Certification Training Program. You'll gain the skills and knowledge to qualify for entry-level positions in pharmacies, and you'll be prepared for national certification.

  • Phlebotomy Technician

    If the sight of blood never makes you woozy. If trypanophobia (fear of needles) has no effect on you. And if you like helping people, then you’ll love being a phlebotomy technician!

    What does a phlebotomy technician do? More than just poking people. You’ll be a critical member of the medical team and play a vital role at the healthcare facilities you work in. A typical day in your new life as a certified phlebotomy tech will probably include:

  • Physical Therapy Office Professional

    This program sets you up to earn not one but two crucial certifications: physical therapy aide specialist (CPTAS) and electronic health record specialist (CEHRS). You’ll gain physical therapy equipment knowledge, office management skills, patient interaction best practices, and electronic healthcare record know-how, making you an ideal addition to any physical therapy or medical office team. If you’re ready to broaden your horizons, don’t snooze on signing up for the CareerStep Physical Therapy Office Professional program.

  • Telehealth Coordinator

    Telehealth lets your doctor provide care for you without an in-person office visit. Telehealth is done primarily online with internet access on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

    There are several options for telehealth care:

  • Wellness Coach

    Life is a series of ups and downs. It ebbs and flows and sometimes, without even realizing it, we lose sight of what’s important. We take our health and our bodies for granted. We procrastinate. We allow our cynicism to shape our worldview, and we even neglect the people we love. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dig ourselves out of our proverbial hole—we just need to put down the shovel.