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Training At Your Location

For companies needing to train a large number of employees, we offer on-site (contract) training. Our expert instructors will travel to your site and provide the same professional training we offer at other locations around the state. Cost to bring our classes to you are based on the number of participants, instructor travel fees, participant course materials, and instructor fees. Those interested in hosting an on-site (contract) class should contact 662-325-5002 or send an email to to request a service quote.

All of the following classes can be offered on-site:


  • Asbestos Awareness (2 – Hour)
  • Supervisor/Contractor Initial & Refresher
  • Worker Training Initial & Refresher
  • Inspection & Assessment Initial & Refresher
  • Management Planner Initial & Refresher
  • Project Designer Refresher
  • Operation & Maintenance Initial & Refresher

Lead-based Paint

  • Renovator, Repair, and Painting Initial & Refresher
    Inspector Initial & Refresher
  • Risk Assessor Initial & Refresher
  • Dust Sampling


  • Mold Assessment and Remediation


  • OSHA General Industry 30-Hour
  • OSHA General Industry 10-Hour
  • OSHA Construction 30-Hour
  • OSHA Construction 10-Hour

CPR/First Aid

  • CPR and First Aid