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Grades and Proctors


  • All exam, assignment, and final grades will be issued numerically. No letter grades will be given through the program.
  • Course assignments will be graded in a timely manner (5 – 7 days); however, students should expect a delay in grading times during holidays.

Final Grades

  • A final numerical grade will be sent to the school upon completion of the course and the student’s home school will assign the equivalent letter grade based on their own grading scale.


  • No formal transcripts are issued through the High School Online Program.  Upon completion of a course, students will receive an official completion letter with a numeric grade.  The student’s home school will also receive official documentation of the student’s final numeric grade after the course is completed. 


  • All tests taken by students enrolled in the MSU High School Online program must be proctored by an approved proctor and/or at an approved testing facility.  All proctors must be approved before access to a course is granted.
  • The most acceptable choice for a proctor is your school counselor or principal.  A relative cannot serve as a proctor.
  • When a student is ready to take an exam, the exam proctor will contact the High School Online Office via email to obtain a password for the exam.