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The Importance of Professional Development

One thing you can do to set yourself apart in today's competitive job market is continuing your education through professional development.  What is professional development?  According to the Oxford Dictionary, professional development is "the development of competence or expertise in one's profession; the process of acquiring the skills needed to improve performance in a job."No matter what career path you have chosen, professional development is essential to keep you moving forward. It has numerous benefits and will help enhance your qualifications and earning potential as well as increase job security and provide you with great networking opportunities. So, whether you are just starting out in your career or have been working for many years, remember we all need to keep growing and learning! 

Three things participating in professional development says about you to your supervisor

  1. You adapt to change – It’s a widely known fact that things change, namely company focus and career expectations. If you’re the type of employee that can adapt to change, you’re the type of candidate employers want to retain.
  2. You take initiative – If you adapt to change by continuing your education, you’re miles ahead of your competition. Waiting around for management to train you on the latest and greatest methods is reactionary and passive, and may never happen.
  3. You have good judgment – If you can adapt to change and take the initiative to boost your skills/knowledge, you practice good judgment and are showing management that you have the drive to thrive in your role.

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