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About Us

The Center for Continuing Education (CCE) extends the reach of Mississippi State University through the offering of noncredit programs and services. Through the activities of the Center, individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and educational levels have the opportunity to benefit from the resources of our great university. Whether it be a stay at home mom wanting to enrich her life by learning a new hobby, a construction worker needing training on how to handle hazardous materials, or a high-school student looking to earn Carnegie credits for high-school graduation, we have something to offer!

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The Center for Continuing Education will be Mississippi’s leading provider of informal educational programs and services to assist individuals in reaching their personal and professional goals.


To extend the educational resources and expertise of the University through the development and coordination of informal professional development, personal enrichment, and youth programs.


The Center for Continuing Education (CCE) offers a variety of support services to assist MSU departments and faculty in the offering of non-credit educational programs. Our services include:

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) add significant value to noncredit programs. As a nationally approved provider of CEUs, CCE reviews non-credit programs and activities to determine if they qualify for CEU credit. In addition, we award CEU credit to individuals who successfully complete approved courses and maintain a 20 year registry of all approved courses and course participants. Having courses approved for CEU credit is simple and free to all MSU and Mississippi entities. For information on how to have a course approved for CEU credit visit our CEU page or contact Amber Shultice at or by phone at 662-325-1427.

Conference and Event Management

Delivering a successful noncredit program involves a great deal of planning, preparation, organization, and effort. If you are looking to host a local or statewide event CCE can help you every step of the way. We offer the highest level of customer service to our clients and provide a wide array of customizable services including:

  • Program assistance and development
  • Online registration services
  • Event website development
  • Site selection and facility negotiation
  • Financial management and program budgeting
  • Event marketing and promotion
  • Logistics support and management
  • Speaker and exhibitor arrangement

All of our services are customizable and reasonably priced. For more information about our services and to request a service quote, visit our Conference and Event Management page or contact us by phone at (662) 325-9191.

Registration Services

A participant’s first impression of a program is often formed during the registration process. That’s why it is critical the registration experience be convenient and responsive to your customer’s needs. CCE offers state of the art online registration processing that will ensure your participant has the ability to register for classes and programs with convenience and ease. Our registration services:

  • provide participants a variety of payment options that include all major credit cards, checks, purchase orders, wire transfers, and MSU departmental transfers;
  • allow participants to register anytime day or night;
  • provide participants immediate confirmation and receipt of payment; and
  • provide event organizers and instructors real-time enrollment information.

To learn more about our registration services contact us by phone at (662) 325-9191.